27 April 2008

Meta Review-Time: GTA IV

Okay, bald wird uns GTA IV beglücken – und die ersten Reviews sind bombastisch ausgefallen. Daher: Hier die bisherigen Reviews im Überblick, samt einem First View von MTV Multiplayer.

IGN - 10/10
Grand Theft Auto III was a revolutionary title, one that inspired a whole new generation of 3D action games. Grand Theft Auto IV is just as big a leap forward, though perhaps in subtler ways, and sets a new benchmark for open-world games. Everything in GTA IV works in harmony.
Eurogamer - 10/10

GameSpy - Outstanding 5/5
Suffice it to say that Grand Theft Auto IV is a game that could keep anyone busy for a long, long time. Although its got plenty of excellent features, it's ultimately the storytelling that makes it an instant classic, a game unlike any we've played before.
Kotaku - Keine Bewertung aber ...
Sandbox-style, ultra-violent games like Grand Theft Auto aren't typically my thing, but GTA IV has made me a fan. A fanboy. Rockstar North has addressed virtually every single one of my personal hang ups about the series, crafting one of the most memorable experiences in gaming.
GameTrailers - 9,8/10

GameDaily - Perfect 10/10

GameInformer - 10/10
There are epic gaming experiences, and then there is Grand Theft Auto IV. The latest installment of Rockstar’s flagship surpasses the benchmark set by San Andreas in every possible way.
XBoxoz360 - 9,8/10

1up - A+
Liberty City is no longer just a place you explore outdoors, looking for stunt jumps or the thrill of a six-star wanted level after riling up the LCPD during missions.

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